Ben Schumacher and Shawn Stephenson took a thousand mile trike trip form June 7, 2005 to June 29, 2005

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Take off on Day two. We left Crater's of the moon and got about ten miles down the road when we ran into road work. The lady driving the pilot car wanted us to put the trike in the back of her truck. Nine foot bike doesn't fit too well in the back of a tiny pick up. We told her we would keep up. So for about 45 miles of construction on a dirt road we did an average of 20 miles an hour. Ended up being our longest day on the trike. We went through the INEl Idaho's Plutonium storage area. So top secret? that no employees can drive to work. We had about 100 buses pass us on the road. We rode about 90 miles that day. Posted by Picasa