Ben Schumacher and Shawn Stephenson took a thousand mile trike trip form June 7, 2005 to June 29, 2005

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Saturday, October 22, 2005

From Bozeman we back tracked 8 miles to the Bozeman Hotsprings and then we rode onto Three Forks. Lots of rain, a rattlesnake, and WIND. We turned the bike around to see what the headwind would do if it were a tailwind and we ended up going five miles an hour without even peddaling.

From Red Mountain campground, we headed into Bozeman. We took a dip into the Bozeman Hotsprings. which were very comercialized but wonderful. Ate lunch at the Deli at Four Corners and then gave Ben's Great Aunt Lina a call to see if we could come and visit. She is 94 years old and had no idea who Ben was but was happy to have us come and visit. We showed up at her house and she still did not remember Ben, yet proceeded to call everyone in the family to come and see us. She even took us for a spin to see her brother at his adult care facility. This was quite a ride.

Headed out for Bozeman to visit Ben's family. We peddaled up our first big pass called Norris Pass. We saw on the map that there were some hotsprings to be had. Unfortunately the Norris Hotsprings do not open until 4 o'clock in the afternoon. As we vowed not to do any backtracking we were unable to enjoy a soak. The road out to Red Mountain campgrpound was narrow and scary at time but we survived.

Off on the first day alone we crossed the Continental Divide into Montana. Today was a blast our average speed was over twenty miles an hour and we reached our destination in Ennis around 1:00. Ben had time to take a nap and I did some bird watching.

Monday, October 10, 2005

8am heading out on our own. Posted by Picasa

Bye Sam and Norma. We will miss you. Posted by Picasa

Our last night together we lit up some of the fireworks. We all woke up early and took off on our own journeys. Posted by Picasa

Norma and Sam gave the trike a go and loved it. Sam decided to buy a single when we got home. Posted by Picasa

We decided to have our last night with Norma and Sam at Henry's Lake State Park in Idaho. We saw a few bald eagles and were woken by a zillion seagulls. Posted by Picasa

After our trip through Yellowstone we decided it was not safe to ride the trike through the narrow roads filled with tourists driving rental RVS. We packed her up and drove on through. Posted by Picasa

And thar she blows. Posted by Picasa

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On Sunday we decided to take a little drive with Sam and Norma into Teton NAtional Park and Yellowstone since it was pouring down raine. The roads were really great in Teton or at least passable. Yet, once we crossed into Yellowstone the shoulder disappeared. This is a pic of us waiting in the snow for Old Faithful to do its thang. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Saturday in Jackson Hole: Shopping, hamburgers, and sushi. Posted by Picasa

Take off Day Four. Posted by Picasa

Posted by PicasaWe finally showed up about 20 miles later. Hoback Junction about 20 miles from Jackson.

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We show up with our fireworks. Sam says that the campsite is only 8 miles away so we ride on. Posted by Picasa

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Shawn's Dad and stepmom Norma wait for us along the Snake River and take photos. Posted by Picasa

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Palisades lake and the HUGE fireworks shop just cross the border in Wyoming Posted by Picasa

Taking off Day Four. Posted by Picasa